Mapping Otherwise

Friday, 23 April 2021, 7pm

April 13th at 1:31pm

Mapping Otherwise

Public Lecture by Nishat Awan, followed by a conversation with Dagmar Pelger und Kathrin Wildner

“Maps of course have a long history of narrating power and they have been instrumental tools in the claiming of territory. Yet, as many contemporary mapping practices have shown, maps can also be used in opposition to dominant narratives. Perhaps a key feature of all maps is their ability to visually depict different realities by distilling and privileging some information over others.“ (Nishat Awan)

Nishat Awan is an architect whose work focuses on the intersection of geopolitics and space, including questions related to diaspora, migration, and border regimes. She leads the research project Topological Atlas at the TU Delft. Topological Atlas produces visual counter-geographies that combine digital mapping and storytelling techniques with a participative approach attending to those who are at the margins of traditional geopolitical inquiry.