Roundtable discussion with Nadine El-Enany & Yasmine Gunaratnam

Part of the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS Spring Public Programme

January 17th at 4:56pm

We will be discussing the hostile environment as climate, thinking through Christina Sharpe’s ideas on weathering with a focus on the slow wearing away of bodies and minds, for example in the recent Windrush cases. We will also discuss British immigration and asylum law as it has been shaped not only by its colonial history and the ebb and flow of its imperial ambitions, but also as an assertion of colonial power. Finally, we will think about the role of speculative and creative methods to investigate how migrant and displaced bodies can bear and express the weight of living in climates of racialised hostility.

HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS Series organised by Lorenzo Pezzani and Nishat Awan Thursday 17 January 2019 Professor Stuart Hall Building LG02 17:00 - 19:00